Salesforce Communities and AWS S3 Drive Integration


Client’s business runs on Salesforce Community cloud. To manage documents uploaded by various community users, guest site users and internal organization users, file storage of Salesforce is a big challenge. We recommended using Amazon S3 Drive file storage system to store documents and suggested integration for easy access and downloading for back office users and the Stakeholders.


  • We need to provide a single click upload functionality for community users so that they can upload a file from their system.
  • File size can vary upto 100MB.
  • Various apex limits like 6-million characters limit for blobs.
  • Sobjects like Attachments are not enough to use as a fly to save files in S3 Drive.
  • Providing the download link of a file in a field on Salesforce sobject record.
  • Auto renaming of file while uploading file to S3 Drive and maintaining uniqueness across S3 Drive to prevent replacement of files.
  • Saving Notes during file upload in Salesforce.
  • Multi Selection of file and upload in one go to S3 Drive and providing downloadable link in a single field of Salesforce.


  • We created a button that is exposed on community pages and public sites which provides functionality for users to upload the file.
  • Implemented Javascript code that is used to avoid apex limitations and various storage limitations of objects in Salesforce.
  • Modification of CORS policy in S3 drive to maintain security and access from Salesforce instance.
  • Ability for system admin to allow file formats as per the business needs using custom labels.
  • Adding date-time stamp along with record id to maintain uniqueness at the time of uploading to S3 drive

    Salesforce Communities & AWS S3 Drive Integration image1

  • Backoffice users can download the file by simply clicking on hyperlinks at records and can see notes uploaded during file upload.
  • Rich text area field on record to store downloadable links for multi file upload.

    Salesforce Communities & AWS S3 Drive Integration image2

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