Resources for Salesforce Certification

People who are relatively new to Salesforce have the urge to get certified in order to grow their experience over the Salesforce platform. There are hundreds of resources available on web that can be used to prepare for the certifications. We will discuss about some basic resources for Salesforce Certification in this article.

Trailhead has all the modules for admin & developer roles. It provides an easy way to learn about Salesforce. For people with low or no budget can always go for Trailhead modules for Salesforce certifications.

Nothing can be more helpful than the live experience of Salesforce instances. Blogs provide real experiences and cases that will be most helpful and provide actual context to which businesses use the application.

Getting Started
The Salesforce community groups also provides great help. You can always start a discussion in the group and ask any question related to Salesforce. The experts will always be available to answer your queries.

Watch Videos
Youtube constitutes many videos that have step by step process for every case in Salesforce. You can watch and learn from different videos and then practice what you learnt on your practice Salesforce org.

Downloadable User Guides
The user guides can be a helping hand while learning about Salesforce. More and more reading followed by practicals will always result in success. and Salesforce University
The courses at are really awesome. The courses are for $10-15 but they are worth the money. People having no restriction over budget can always prefer this option. Salesforce University also provides training for certification but they are relatively expensive.

Learning Standard Salesforce Material
You can refer Salesforce implementation guides, workbooks, cheatsheets and Latest release documents. Latest release docs is very important in clearing Salesforce certification. They provide information regarding latest enhancements made in the features of Salesforce. All these materials are freely available on Salesforce site.

Thus, try each and every function in Developer org Salesforce. Enter dummy data, delete, update, modify etc. Try every feature in your practice org and if an error occurs, there are groups in Salesforce community where experts will help you within 24 hours after you post your question on the forum. Finally if you want to successfully pass your Salesforce certifications, all you need to do is practice and practice.