Sending Echosign Agreements in Salesforce

Adobe Echosign is one of the top most and popular electronic signature paid application on AppExchange. It gets the contracts for an organisation e-Signed instantly by performing simple point and click actions. It is available via’s AppExchange and can be easily integrated into the business systems you are using today like Salesforce. Through this app, one can easily customize and merge Salesforce data into documents also known as templates. The signed documents gets automatically stored in Salesforce. One can hence track the signed documents or the documents that are out for signature very easily. To download the app from appexchange, please follow the link.

Basic steps for sending Echosign Agreements includes:

  1. Setting up Document template with Adobe text tags.
  2. Creating Agreement Template.
  3. Creating a merge mapping to merge data from Salesforce to Echosign template.
  4. Save and Send the template.

Adding a new Echosign/Document Template in Salesforce

Adobe provides default text tags that can be used in creating documents. When documents with tags are uploaded into Salesforce and when it is ready to be sent out for signature, these tags generate form fields. In the tags, field properties like validations can also be set. The document can be in form of word or pdf. Echosign also has some standard read only Echosign fields that come with each signed document such as signed(date), email, signature etc. that does not involve merge mapping.

There are some important points that one needs to keep in the mind while using text tags such as the entire span of the Text Tag from the beginning curly brace to the closing curly brace must fit within a single line. For digging deeper about the text tags refer the following link:

Merge Mapping

Users use the merge mapping to merge field data from Salesforce into Echosign documents before sending them out for signature. Refer to the sample merge mapping:

EchoSign Agreement Image1e

Note : There are some special tags in Adobe Echosign that do not require merge mapping. By using them, data gets populated automatically in the document like {{Dte_es_:signer1:date}}, {{Sig_es_:signer1:signature}} and {{Em_es_:signer1:email}}.

Use the merge mapping target fields in the document template you are creating:

EchoSign Agreement Image2

Note : There are some special tags in Adobe Echosign that do not require merge mapping. By using them, data gets populated automatically in the document like {{Dte_es_:signer1:date}}, {{Sig_es_:signer1:signature}} and {{Em_es_:signer1:email}}.

Creating Agreement Template

Adobe provides a tool in Salesforce called Agreement Templates that makes the process fast and easy for sending documents for signature. Using this, we can link our Salesforce and e-signature data. Agreement templates are easy to configure and do not require any code written within the Salesforce.

Steps for Creating a new Agreement template

  1. Go to the Agreement tab in Salesforce and click on New.

    EchoSign Agreement Image3

  2. Fill all the necessary fields as depicted below. Note that if you need to populate some Salesforce data in the Echosign Document then it is necessary to select Merge Mapping from the lookup.

    EchoSign Agreement Image4

  3. Click on Save. Upload the Document by clicking Upload document.

  4. Select Update new Records Operation coming in right of UI.

  5. To send the document for signature click on Send For Signature button.

  6. The final Echosign document looks like given below after sending out for signature. The fields highlighted gets populated through merge mapping automatically.

    EchoSign Agreement Image5

  7. The electronic signature can be done and sent easily by simple point and click on Signature field.

    EchoSign Agreement Image6

    Type the name for signature and click on apply.

    EchoSign Agreement Image7

    Click on sign button at the bottom of document.

    EchoSign Agreement Image8

Many organisations are shifting their business deals to paperless agreements. They are moving towards the apps that could easily integrate with their business systems and can fulfill the requirement of sending the e-sign documents in simple point and click way. This blog covers the way in which a Salesforce user can use Adobe Echosign app for sending e-signature documents online.

About the Authors

Pankhuri Jain and Kriti Parmar work as Software Developers at Astrea IT Services. Their core expertise is in building Apex and Visualforce applications.