Single view implementation of Klipfolio Dashboard for Both Desktop and Mobile Appliance


Client is a US based Marketing and Advertising organization. They have clients from public and private sectors. They help celebrities make money, build audiences and become internet entrepreneurs while maintaining and building their brand integrity.


Our Client had pre-built dashboards on Klipfolio. The Klips in Klipfolio have same look and feel on both Desktop and Mobile devices. But our client’s dashboard did not have promising UI on mobile devices. So they wanted us to make their Klips mobile friendly and develop a single Klipfolio dashboard that can be viewed and used conveniently on both desktop and mobile devices.


As per our analysis of the given requirement, we found that this could be achieved through HTML Template component of Klipfolio. First we tried to create custom CSS using HTML template component and added the component to pre-built dashboard but this approach did not improved the UI to the extent that client wanted. So we developed the whole dashboard using HTML Template component creating custom CSS and CSS media queries to change the layout and design according to different screen sizes(mobile, tablet and desktop devices).


  • Now the dashboard can be viewed on desktop as well as on mobile devices.
  • The dashboard also helped the client to serve better to their mobile device users.
  • It also helps to cover the audience of both Desktop as well as Mobile users.