Smart Calender release

Get an Email Reminder for upcoming Tasks & Events

Noida, INDIA- September 30, 2013

Astrea IT services pvt. Ltd. launches a product “Smart Calendar” on Salesforce Appexchange to schedule Event and Task reminders. Smart Calendar promises to enhance scheduling of events experience, to the traditional way on Salesforce.

SmartCal was developed with a mind-set to provide better, faster and customized scheduling of Events from any other/native app on Appexchange. It’s Ideal for the companies with a busy Sales team, or with employees with a busy schedule to login to Salesforce.

News Facts:

  • Administrators can schedule the date and time for Event and Tasks Reminders.
  • Users get Notifications through e-mails for their Tasks and Events on the specified date and time.
  • Application allows users to Invite Related Contacts.

Key Features:

  • Salesforce administrator can schedule an Event or Task reminder. At the scheduled time a mail will be sent to the Salesforce User.
  • Scheduled Event or Task can be of type, email, call, and meeting.
  • In Event scheduling Administrator can send reminder mail to the Attendee also.
  • In Task scheduling, the administrator has the option, related contacts can also be informed.

Astrea Commits to provide Finest Solution Inline to the Organisation’s Strategies.

Astrea identified the need of time management for busy professionals and came up with a solution named SmartCal. SmartCal helps users to see their Events and Tasks in one email and allow to plan accordingly.
The app is available for download at AppExchange.

About Astrea IT Services Private Limited:

Astrea’s offering enables client to quickly leapfrog their CRM through product development and customizations. Astrea IT Services is a Registered partner. Astrea’s core competencies include Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Applications Implementation, Data Management on the platform and Cloud Application Development. Astrea has four products on AppExchange – Astrea Clone, Smart vCard, SmartCal and Object Hierarchy.