Salesforce Flow to update smartVcard fields for Nimble User

Smart vCard makes it easy to export and import your Salesforce CRM Contact information as vCards. Smart vCard is available on AppExchange. Smart vCard allows for exporting Contact information one at a time or in multiples. Contact information can be exported from Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Users. You can also import multiple contacts from a VCF file on a single click. Nimble AMS helps in creating and managing a stellar membership experience for processing orders, managing events, and analyzing your organization’s data. As Nimble uses Person Accounts so we have added two custom fields in our Smart vCard app that are SmartvCard__Email__c and other is SmartvCard__Organization__pc which are added to Account object in Nimble. To populate these two custom fields, we have created a flow which will trigger when the field's values of NU__PersonEmail__c and PrimaryAffliateName__c are changed.

Implementation Details

Step 1: We start by selecting Record-Triggered flow because Record-Triggered Flow in Salesforce is one of the Flows that you can use to automate your business processes. With record-triggered flows you can potentially avoid writing triggers in some specific scenarios.

 Implementation Details

Step 2: Then after selecting the flow type, we will be redirected to Configure Start Page and there, we will select the object whose record will trigger the flow i.e., Account object and enter all the required values and save it.

 Configure Start

Step 3: After that add element of assignment type and set variable values and save it.

Edit Assignment

Step 4: Then select Update Records under Data from add element and select account as object and input all the fields and condition there and save it.

 Edit Update Records

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Step 5: Again, go to add element and select Get Records under Data type and select object name as Contact to get AccountId of records to populate title field for Person Account and input all the details in get records page and save it.

 Eidt Get Records

Step 6: Then go to add element and select assignment type under logic type and set variable values and save it.

 Set Title In Contact

Step 7: Then again, we go to add element and select update Records under data type and select object name as Contact because now we have to populate title field on Person Account from contact object and enter all the criteria, the field to populate and save it.

update Contact Record

Step 8: This is the final outcome of Record-Triggered flow and now the flow will populate the Smart vCard fields.

 vCard fields


The Record-Triggered flow will update the custom fields value of Smart vCard and then we can generate the vCards of Person Account records. With record-triggered flows we can potentially avoid writing triggers in some specific scenarios. Now we have the option of meeting complex business requirements without writing a single line of code.