Social Studio- Socially Social through a Social Platform

Social Studio- that became part of Salesforce through an acquisition, called ‘Radian6’- which connects marketers, sales teams, and customer service teams to the social channels. Social Studio allows users to publish relevant content, listen to what customers are saying about the particular brand, and that engages customers to create meaningful and successful relationships.

We are already aware of the importance of being on social media. And therefore, it is obvious that we do already have accounts on one or more of the major platforms. How big an impact does social media use have on the success of the brand? We can state, according to a survey by Ambassador, 71% of people have a good social media experience with a brand and they recommend it to others. Also, we can note that 74% might switch brands after a poor or not up to the mark experience.

Social Studio

Social Studio is designed in a way that helps teams to get a complete picture of the customer in a way that their needs can be met with required contents, and most importantly the timely customer service. Social Studio is that platform which creates social media searches about the particular brand, market, services, products and competitors to have a look at what the audience is talking about, what they are sharing, and thus how they feel about the particular brand. It rather gives them a vivid idea of the mindset of the existing or new customers. From a single dashboard, data can be used to create, schedule and promote compelling content across

the social channels. Various tools are present to draft posts and add media content in a short period of time

Here, let us note few benefits of Social Studio:

  • It gives a 360-degree view of customers, which mean that they listen what the customers want to convey and they interact back with them by routing customer activity to marketing, sales, or service teams

  • By using drag-and-drop tools, it quickly creates, publish, share, schedule and boost new content within seconds

  • It enables real time monitoring which means it can see customer feedback, interactions, and campaign result in real time and can give faster response

  • It analyzes social performance from all channels from a single platform accessible by all departments

Social Studio is that platform which keeps you on the top of your mentions, the conversations, and the questions which your audience has. Social teams do engage users in conversations about the product or the service from the Engage Section. By opening a ticket in Service Cloud, they can respond quickly to queries and problems. Social Studio is a must, it should not be an option if one wants to excel in a business platform.