Subscription Management Using Salesforce

For services organizations, several clients may request a subscription of a fixed number of hours. Organizations often offer different packages like Gold, silver and bronze with a set of support hours.

This implementation provides automation of management of support hours using Salesforce. Also it uses Salesforce Communities to allow clients to raise requests for tasks and get updates on them. It will keep track of hours consumed parallely.

Features Supported

  • Automated creation of Contracts when Opportunity has been Won
  • Automatically manage customer’s monthly hours.
  • Tracking of hours consumed for different requests.
  • Providing an interface for customers to create and track requests.

Solution Overview

  • Customers have an option to choose the subscriptions as per their requirement.
  • Once the Customer selects the Subscription, an Agreement will be created in Salesforce automatically for the selected time period.
  • Salesforce Automation will also create a Community User and provide the necessary access.
  • Customers will be able to see all the live updates of their Requests on the Community Website.
  • Customers also have an option to create the Cases as per their organization's needs(Issues or Enhancement).
  • They will be able to add comments and have the ability to upload files for their Cases as per the requirement and the Support Rep can directly follow those comments in the implementation.
  • Customers/Service Providers will be able to see all the Case related details on a single pagel.

Objects Used

  • Standard object Account, Contact and Opportunity for Customers and employees of customers and business opportunities
  • Standard Product Object to store the subscriptions.
  • Standard object Contract to capture duration of the engagement and its terms
  • Custom Object Monthly Hours to calculate monthly used and remaining hours and Time log to log time for a specific task.


  • The solution is generic and can be used for any project requiring monthly hourly based support agreement.
  • Less Manual Work.
  • Better Tracking for Organizations, Clients and Developers.

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