TaskRay- with Salesforce

TaskRay is a popular application for Salesforce for managing projects in AppExchange. TaskRay can ensure that the teams can handle the influx of new customers. So, with Salesforce-native TaskRay app one can standardize processes, manage resources, and free the team up to focus on more important things—like building customer relationships. It helps the customers to quickly see the benefits of the products and services by delivering an exceptional post-sale experience. TaskRay follows through with the promise of the purchase and creates happier customers from the moment the deal is completed. TaskRay helps the team to be more productive, efficient, and collaborative and it is a 100% native Salesforce application. TaskRay therefore enables to manage, track and support the work in any area of the business platform. It eases and completes visibility across multiple projects and teams, and robust reporting and dashboards with Drag and Drop. TaskRay enables a simple and visual way for getting things done.


Today’s workplace and teams must rapidly adapt to constantly changing priorities and in this challenging environment, the app knows that social collaboration and frequent communication can only produce excellent results, but the overhead involved in these best practices can be daunting. TaskRay provides a crystal clear image from customers to the Project Managers and offers multiple levels of internal and external visibility to everyone. The key benefits of using TaskRay are as follows:

-It plans work quickly and efficiently, even with any geographically distributed teams

-It supports every business process with easy customization and integration with other Salesforce objects

-It collaborates effortlessly using Chatter groups, feeds and file sharing

onboarding right in the Sales Cloud. It utilizes built-in templates and automation tools to onboard customers and also to the clients more quickly and efficiently.It decreases the customer’s time to implement the solution and thus increases the retention and customer satisfaction. TaskRay also works for project management and project automation in: Marketing, Consulting, Back Office Systems, Non-Profits, and full-suite project management programmes. Also, a 30-day trial gives you a fully functioning version of TaskRay and that is bundled within a free trial setup of Salesforce. You will get the best of both worlds in an environment that is totally turnkey, and quick to set up and easy to use with no Salesforce admin experience required.