Technology Automation For Construction Industry

As one of the most rapidly changing and evolving industry, matching with the new technology can be a tricky choice for some. The construction industry has clearly a different picture and position when it comes to technology. The development and advancement in the industry needs no proof and to match or add another value to make a company more favourable and professional new technologies and tools are coming in the market. The technology used till now includes, traditional client-server solutions, on premise servers and therefore, have become far too inflexible and costly to maintain. Construction companies usually overspend on solutions that can no longer meet their changing business requirements.

Majority of the companies bids for the new projects and need management of their customers, partners, billing and inventory. Technology can play a key role in providing accurate information, high percentage of results and saving time for businesses with solutions like an Integrated CRM, Business Intelligence and Mobile solutions. Construction companies can leverage the modern cloud based systems to enhance their internal processes and get only what they need with no extra baggage of cost or resources.

From the pool of many technology and tools, here are some of the most helpful systems specially for Construction Industry, for running day to day operations smoothly or for analytics to support strategic decisions. These systems are very popular cloud based solutions helping businesses to focus more on what they are good at with no worries of IT management or technology infrastructure.

Salesforce CRM (one of the best in Industry) offers a variety of features to help in managing a small team to large users and all the activities from capturing the data from external sources to value proposition and following up with Leads. The bids can be made with the live and accurate data and processes for each department can be synced and monitored like from Sales/Business development to procurement to delivery. The customization allowed from Salesforce makes it a highly adaptive CRM to create the exact process involved for any business like custom Bill of Material to Invoices and auto follow up. Salesforce provide many more useful features like the third party integrations, custom applications and community development like Partner Community.

Business Intelligence plays a vital role in the decision making and planning for future, with the right integration this process can streamline the operational processes for businesses. For many construction companies, it becomes a necessity to have an automated data management and report generating solution. A solution integrated with existing operational systems to manage a variety of reports on the available data. The construction projects requires reports from time to time at each stage of the project to meet the schedules and costs. Klipfolio is one of the popular BI solution available with easy to manage data reporting and seamless integration with over 200 platforms.

A Mobile App for the construction industry is a very important feature as most of the work is outdoor and a mobile solution can be used for employees or customers. It can help in reducing construction delays, Improving communication with owner and Project Stakeholders and providing Back Office efficiency. Some customized features using the technology like GPS tracking can provide better accountability of field staff, Photo Upload for projects, real time access to plans by team on field, and many more. Platforms like Meteor, Telerik helps in creating cross platform apps for all mobile devices.

Astrea IT helps businesses as a trusted technology partner for planning a new strategy or migrating from the legacy systems. We derive a road map for companies based on the nature and processes involved and offer solutions built on world’s best CRM platform Salesforce. Astrea has worked for clients across the globe to deliver a robust, one CRM solution with accurate and live data insights using Klipfolio and managing the processes with mobile solutions.

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