Time Management with Salesforce Flow

As business people, all of us need to answer the question: Can we manage our time such that the right time is allocated to the right activity?

Yes, we can manage our time, such that it gives us extra time to spend in our daily life. People who can time-manage effectively enjoy having more time to spend on hobbies or other personal pursuits. Managing time well leads to more opportunities and less time wasted on trivial activities. But we all need a tool to manage all things and in Salesforce with help of flow we can create a process to maintain all the things.

Effective Planning: With the help of flow we can create a perfect and effective planning process for a whole day in which we can create a screen for the user to capture its tasks and their details like Time Slots, Name, Notes etc.

In the planning process users can use the task list to decide when you will do each task. Tailor the amount of detail in your time plan to your individual strengths, habits and preferences. Some users like to know what specific task they will be doing in each free hour. Others will list what needs to be done on a particular day.

Setting Deadlines: We do not always have to achieve our deadline at work, go to the gym and exercise, spend time with family and friends, or manage our business. This limitation in the time that we have in a day makes setting deadlines in time management important.

With the help of flow we can create a process in which users can set the deadline of every task like suppose a user works on a task and they already mentioned its deadline time so the user will get prior notification so that user can complete their task on time..

Delegation: With the help of the flow we can create a process in which a user can delegate the task to another person automatically and manually on the basis of particular criteria.

Prioritizing activities as per their importance: With the help of flow we can create a process in which users can set the priorities of their tasks and create to-do lists like Important and urgent tasks are our priorities, Important but not urgent tasks are lower priorities - things we should schedule for later.

Notifications: In this process we can notify users time to time from start to end of every task so that they will focus on work and other things because automatic notification is work like sometimes reminders and notifications

Reports & Visualization: In salesforce, we have an option to analyze the data. Reports will provide a clear picture to the management . It’s no secret that keeping track of employee time can significantly improve your team’s productivity and profitability. However, tracking work hours involves analyzing hundreds and thousands of records in employee timesheets.