Time Entry System For Project Management In Salesforce

Project management has continued forever now and with it project evaluation comes into the picture. With the dynamic industry changes and rapid development it’s more important than ever to evaluate projects effectively. Estimation for any project is very crucial for enhancing the decision making process and to provide better control of the management. A Time entry system is therefore essential for keeping everything on track and maintaining a proper record of all the tasks, milestones and overall project. For any Salesforce org whether it is for Consulting practices, Sales or Service Agents or any other industry, a company’s employees and their time tracking plays a vital role and required for smooth functioning.


Astrea’s Time Entry Solution for Salesforce

Time entry system is created specially for the employees, agents & consultants in a company/Salesforce org. In this system there are two options provided for employees or other staff to log their time for each job they worked on or per project on a daily or weekly format.
A custom time log screen is created for all the projects that can be easily selected by the users and then based on the work done they can log their time as mentioned in the screenshot below.


Another option is provided to the users where the per project and with all the jobs worked on is recorded for the staff as mentioned in the screen below.


Once the user enters their time from the screens above a corresponding timesheet gets generated automatically in the backend and related Timesheet lines are created to keep track of all the activities done by any user that can be later analysed by a project manager or management to confirm the time spend on the project and payment processing.

Based on the need the management can create access control and only admins can view everything rest visibility is only user specific. Also, if a user forgets to update their time in a timesheet, the system automatically notifies them to log the time. After this implementation it has helped users in many ways and increased the efficiency of employees by reducing chances of error and transparent processing. It also helped in tracking Staff performance as the whole picture of where and how the employees spend their time can be accessed. This has also affected the time management & Decisions making processes of the org as actual time keeping helps in tracking common actions, amount of effort based on the project or task and cost estimation process. This all corresponds to a better management decision support.