- Your Salesforce Resume

Every individual in the Salesforce community aims for getting the top job by showcasing their skills and experience to the companies. is a one stop solution which helps a trailblazer to access multiple Salesforce related communities and sites with a single login. It is your digital resume which highlights the skills achieved, experience in different domains of Salesforce and an overview of your learning progress over Trailhead, Appexchange and other Salesforce related sites. This resume is available for your current employer to analyze your progress as well as for other employers who are looking for Salesforce experts for their organization.


Features of the

  • One identity for all-User has to login only once to and then he can access all the Salesforce sites without logging in again.


  • Easy navigation across sites-Once logged in to, user can easily switch between multiple sites without any hassle. User can access multiple sites easily without having to sign in everytime.


  • Account- User can link his account with any personal account or social login. This helps users to keep their account with them forever. Thus no matter how many times a person switch his jobs, he will have all his achievements recorded at a single place rather than building the community influence and connection all over again.


  • Profile URL-Your Trailblazer profile URL is the address to your digital resume. It displays all the skills to your peers and employers that you have learned. It makes it easier to share your profile to anyone, anywhere and helps in networking and connecting with other Trailblazers.


  • Privacy includes both private and public information. It depends on the user to manage who sees what by using the settings page available.

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