TrailheaDX 2021 Key Announcements

Salesforce never misses a chance to amaze their Trailblazers. Likewise, Salesforce brought the TrailheaDX 2021 event on June 23, 2021. It is the event of the year for all the Trailblazers including Developers, Admins, Architects, IT leaders, Partners, and for others as well.

The TrailheaDX 2021 was truly a big event for all the Trailblazers where they get a chance to grasp a lot from the experts and also take in a lot of knowledge about Salesforce innovations and new products.

TrailheaDX 2021 Key Announcements

In the TrailheaDX 2021 event, Salesforce leaders and the co-founder of Salesforce Mr Parker Harris shared the company's vision for the future. They also shared the new announcements to help the Trailblazers community to empower everyone.

The new innovations of Salesforce which were announced in TrailheaDX 2021 are as follows:-

1. AWS and Salesforce Partnership

In the event, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce announced their global strategic partnership by which the customers can easily use the full set of the Salesforce and AWS capabilities together to easily build and deploy the powerful new business apps that accelerate digital transformation. Also, Amazon Web Services’ CEO, Andy Jasse said this- “With this partnership, we are significantly simplifying developers’ lives and empowering them to develop applications however they want, from wherever they want globally, at any scale.”

Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO at Salesforce shared his thoughts as - “This is a milestone partnership for the technology industry, and one that will enable our customers to experience an even more powerful Salesforce Customer 360 and achieve a new level of success in their business.”

With the new partnership of AWS and Salesforce, it will be easy for the customers to combine capabilities from the world’s leading cloud provider and the #1 CRM platforms and minimize the code required for the custom integration.

2. Build Apps with Low Code on Single Platform

In TrailheaDX 2021, Salesforce introduced the next generation of the Salesforce platform. This will include a powerful set of low-code development tools which will empower everyone within an organization, regardless of the technical skill or role, to create and deploy apps on a single platform.

With the next generation Salesforce platform, anyone can deliver business apps quickly built on a single platform and also can scale and deploy the secure apps with confidence.

Also, Patrick Stokes, Executive Vice President And General Manager of Platform, Salesforce has mentioned -“The future of app development is low-code, where anyone can participate to solve any business problem.”

And Parker Harris, CO-Founder and CTO, Salesforce,said that - “This is the world’s most trusted low code platform that enables you to innovate anywhere, and is used by Trailblazers everywhere, every day.”

Salesforce Platforms includes the low-code tools for the automation and development of the interactive apps, new elastic computing, AI-driven data protection, identity management and DevOps capabilities to help teams drive the business outcomes fast. This platform provides the ability to develop the apps and processes it using the low code.

3. New Trailblazer Community

In the TrailheaDX event, Salesforce also announced the reimagined Trailblazer Community. Salesforce has updated the Trailblazer Community and has integrated it with the Trailhead. The reimagined Trailblazer Community platform will allow everyone to learn, earn, connect with Trailblazers from anywhere.

New Trailblazer Community

Even with the new Valoir survey of Trailblazer Community members, the 3 in 5 participants said that this platform helped them in getting a new job or promotion. And even 80% says that community engagement has helped them deliver the success at their company.

Also, Leah McGowan-Hare, Salesforce’s VP of Trailblazer Community said that - “We know you want a learning experience that is connected to your community experience. And we want to empower you to stay connected wherever you learn – your desktop, your phone – from anywhere.”

“That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the reimagined Trailblazer Community! This is one modern platform to learn, earn, and give back with Trailblazers from anywhere.”

4. $700K Year Up grant will help close the opportunity gap for young people

Salesforce on TrailheaDX 2021 announced a new $700K grant to non-profit and long-time partner Year Up. This will support Year Up’s work to train and place young adults who are facing barriers in getting a high wages, high-demand careers, and support the employers in meeting their talent needs.

These are truly the great announcements by Salesforce at TrailheaDX 2021 which can empower your skills. Happy Reading!!