Astrea URL Shortener App

Url Shortener

Astrea URL shortener is a Salesforce Application that integrates Salesforce with Bity. The app allows user to automatically create Bitly URLs for the Salesforce Record URL with simple clicks. The app can be used to generate the URL manually or automatically.

Url Shortener

The main feature of this App include :

  • Creating bitly short URL for Standard Salesforce Records URL.
  • It works on Account, Contact, Case, Lead and Opportunity.
  • It shortens URL manually or automatically.
  • It can be used on single record or in bulk.

The user first need to create a new Bitly Account and set the new Named Credentials. Then the user has to add Account Short Url, Contact Short Url, Case Short Url, Lead Short Url and Opportunity Short Url fields to the Page Layout. The user need to click on Generate URL button to create URL of the record. The record URL can be shorten in bulk by moving to Bulk Shortening Tab and clicking on Start button of the respective Object.

Url Shortener

You can get the product from Salesforce Appexchange This App is available as a free download from AppExchange.

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here