Shorten the Salesforce record URL with Astrea URL Shortener

Do you ever feel the urge to send emails from Salesforce with link to a record, like for the reminding of the open case to an Agent or notifications to users or partners. Have you ever thought of using a short URL than a two lines long link for your Salesforce Records. Well if both the situation has an affirmative then you might have also looked for a service that might shorten the URL for you.

Bitly is a leader in the link management domain and helps millions in posting on Social media, sending SMS or Emails.

Salesforce and Bitly, working together can help in shortening Salesforce URL. If this work can be done from within the Salesforce org, it sounds good and if a free app is provided for this functionality, sounds even better. Astrea IT having a vast experience in Salesforce implementation and the third party platform integration have developed an app called "Astrea URL Shortener".

This Salesforce app integrates Salesforce with Bitly and allows user to automatically create short URLs for the Salesforce record URL. Astrea URL Shortener support Account, Contact, Case, Lead and Opportunity standard Salesforce objects. The app provides functionality of generating the individual record URL and also works for the bulk records URL.

The advantage of using URL Shortener will be the features that are part of the package and includes the following,

  • Generation of Account short URL, Contact short URL, Case short URL, Lead short URL, Opportunity short URL with a single click on single as well as bulk records.

    Astrea URL Shortener Image

  • Generation of Bitly small URL’s in bulk for standard objects (account / contact / case / lead / opportunity) by clicking on the “ Start ” button of the respective object.

    Astrea URL Shortener Image

  • The bulk shortening can be scheduled which will run after some specific time as set by the user which saves the manual process of shortening single URL.

    Astrea URL Shortener Image

So, you can try your URL using this very easy to use app available free on APPEXCHANGE. Feel free to reach out to the support for any queries or demo if required, email to