Video Viewer for Quip

Video Viewer is a Quip app. This app can be used by the user to watch videos on Quip docs. The app requires only the URL of the video which is to be viewed. In order to use the app, user will have to download the video viewer live app from Salesforce Appexchange. This app is useful as it reduces the amount of time spend while switching between screens. The video will be visible on the app and user no longer has to navigate between screens for watching the video.

Key features of the app

  • User no longer need to login and logout for watching the video
  • The app works for Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo
  • The app is free for all the users
  • Once the URL of the video is embedded, there is no hassle of uploading the video next time

How the app works?

  • Type “Video Viewer” to insert the app in Quip doc

    Video Viewer For Quip image1

  • After inserting the app, a dialog box will appear. Add the URL of the video

    Video Viewer For Quip image2

  • After entering the URL of the video, the video will appear on the document
  • If a user enters an incorrect URL, an appropriate message is displayed

    Video Viewer For Quip image3