View All Activities

View Salesforce Activities in a few clicks

View All Activities is a Salesforce native lightning component. The component is used to display all the activities (Events and Tasks) related to a given record of a particular object. It has simple point and click graphical user interface easy to use.

You can download the app from Appexchange View All Activity.

View All Activities Image

Key features of the app

  1. By using this lightning component, Salesforce Users can view all the related activities of a record.
  2. It support pagination to view Large number of Records.
  3. Also, there is a facility to view the long text of Subject and Comment on Hover.
The app is available for download on Appexchange

How does the Component works?

  • Steps to add the Component on the Object’s Detail Page
    For this user will first be required to select the contact sObject. Below are the steps to select the contact
    1. First click on the setup and then the object manager
    2. Select Contact and then Buttons, Links and Action
    3. Finally click on New Action
    View All Activities Image Fill the fields as shown in the image below and click on Save.

    View All Activities Image

  • Steps to add the View All Activity quick action in Contact page layout
    Here are the steps to add the component in Contact page layout
    1. Click on the setup and then the Object Manager
    2. Select contact and further Contact Page Layout
    3. Select Contact Layout
    4. Drag View All Activity to Salesforce1 and Lightning Actions section
    5. Finally click on Save
    View All Activities Image

View All Activity Component Functionality

In order to view the functionality, User need to click on the View All Activity on Contact record. A popup window will appear containing related events and tasks of given record.

It briefly displays all the related tasks of given contact record.

View All Activities Image

It also displays all the related events of given contact records

View All Activities Image