View two - level child hierarchy for any Account, Contact and Custom Object

Object Hierarchy is a free Salesforce native app on AppExchange. It graphically displays two level child hierarchy related to a particular record. If used within an account record, it will display all child contacts, accounts, Opp etc. of the related account and also the children of the child object.

The App displays two level child hierarchy related to a particular record in Salesforce Org where user can Expand and Collapse the Hierarchy as per their requirement.
The App displays child records and grandchildren records that are either custom objects or standard objects of type Lead, Opportunity, Account, Asset, Case and Contact.
The Astrea Object Hierarchy works for both standard or custom object which displays two level child hierarchies of this record in a new window.

The advantageous feature of this App includes the following below mentioned points,
  • On single click it shows the complete hierarchy of a record.

  • Object Hierarchy Image

  • The user can adjust the hierarchy by clicking on “-” and “+” sign. It can be expanded as well as collapsed to create the desired view.

  • Object Hierarchy Image
You can install the Astrea Object Hierarchy from here and try the component for yourself. Feel free to reach out to the support for any queries or demo if required, email to