Visualize Facebook Data


The client is the USA based Facebook Advertising and Websites & SEO Company. They had a client for whom they wanted us to visualize the Facebook data.


The client owns a very popular Gym Training Center with its hundred of centers located all across the globe and they wanted to monitor and track all the locations at a single place. Each center was using a dedicated Facebook Ad-Account and Facebook Page. So in order to track the performance, they used to manually download the Facebook stats and then use Excel to track and monitor the progress. The main challenge for us was to automate this whole process and facilitate them so that they can track all the data at a single place with the functionality of getting weekly and monthly email reports for each location.


We offered the client to use Klipfolio Dashboards. Klipfolio provides standard Facebook Connectors which can automatically fetch data from the Facebook Ad-Account and Facebook Pages.
With the help of the connector, we were able to access the Page and Ad account data of every Training Center in JSON format.
Once we had all the data in the datasource for all the locations, we were able to draw the analytics on that data. These Analytics helps in monitoring and tracking the business for all the locations at one place by which client can see how effective is Digital Marketing in the current digital arena.
The client also wanted the automated reports of those charts on a daily and weekly basis. So we have used another service of Klipfolio which helps in sending email report as per schedule interval. Another requirement was of live shareable dashboards which were overcome by Klipfolio Published Links. We published public links to all the dashboards and shared them with the client which can be accessed from anywhere by a single click on the link.


Now with the help of Klipfolio dashboards, we were able to automate the data visualization process of the client. With the Klipfolio Dashboards, now whenever a new training center is open, the client only need to create a page and an ad account on his business account and that ad account id is used to create datasource to visualize the data.

Facebook Dashboard Image