Notifications for Volunteer Leaders in V4S


Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) is a Salesforce product that helps manage NonProfits in managing volunteer events and volunteers. NonProfits are able to track the volunteers and the hours they have worked, and volunteer jobs, both ongoing, and for a specific event, and shifts for specific jobs.

It allows NonProfits to track and report on all of the data as well as allow public signups via Sites pages on your website.

Business Challenge

Volunteers and their leaders should be notified about the upcoming events, at least a day before the events. Currently volunteers only get emails once they sign up. The list of Volunteers is useful for the leader who is coordinating the volunteer program.

How it was solved

We tried to send the mail by using various standard automation processes like workflow and process builder, but in the end we went with an Apex batch as it gives us power to send the mail at any desired time. We scheduled the mail in such a way that the batch will send the emails to volunteers, and their leader a day before the events. The batch was scheduled to run once every day.

To make a volunteer leader, we created a custom lookup field to volunteer itself. We also created a lookup to volunteer shift on volunteer and some formula fields so that these information can be shared in the mail.


Below is the screenshots of the email sent to the leader.

Volunteer Leader in V4S

Volunteer Leader in V4S

Note:- There is already a feature to send an email every time someone signs up.


Volunteers and their leaders can be notified about the upcoming events through email. This helps the leader to manage and plan the event. Additional details can be provided in the email like the function each volunteer will perform, based on customer needs. This is beneficial for event planning for volunteers.

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