Why Does Your Business Need an App

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The world today has moved from the computer age to a mobile driven one, where a major part of the population owns a smartphone. Businesses also seek to take advantage of this shift, to provide a better overall consumer experience. If you are a business and are thinking of getting an app for your company, here are a few reasons as to why an app might be the best option for you.

Differentiation From Competition

Moving into the app market might give you an edge over your competition. Today's customer, with a plethora of sources at his disposal tends to research extensively before deciding between brands or a range of offerings. In this case a multi platform presence in the form an app increases your chances of a potential customer considering your offering better to a competitor.

Customer Loyalty and Retention

An app gives an easy and faster way to reward your existing customers through purchase schemes and loyalty programs. Also App only programs for purchase of products tend to give the user an incentive to stick with the brand and reduce the risk of him shifting to a competitor brand and in turn increase customer retention.

Customer Engagement

Apps give a company 24X7 easy access to a customer. This can be used by the company to provide tailored solutions to a particular customer in terms of product sales, coupons or flash sales to keep him engaged and looking for more. A company can also inform the customer about these through notifications.

Faster and Seamless Experience

A customer using an app is a much faster mode of communication for a company than the website as it gives the customer direct and rapid access to the company's content. Apps provide the feature of push notifications which help companies inform the customer about latest updates in their product offering and if any schemes have been launched, almost instantaneously. This can help increases sales, as the customer is aware and can respond to such events faster and seamlessly without the time taking ritual of web searching. Customers can also directly file issues on a app and interact with the company seamlessly.

A New Personalization Dimension With GPS

Apps are great personalized solution provider platform for any company and some of the mobile accessories such as camera and microphone add an extra dimension to the whole customer experience which is seldom possible with a website. One more such important tool is the GPS system on mobile phone. This system can further improve personalization by providing solution based on customer location, like the highest rated restaurant near the customer or sales around him etc.

Efficient Direct Marketing

Direct marketing lets you target your customers directly and reduce spending time and money on covering entire market and hoping to acquire a customer. In this regard apps prove to be a great tool and even better compared to other direct marketing tools such as cell phone text messaging, email, websites, online adverts, database marketing, fliers, catalog distribution, promotional letters etc. In cases where an existing customer is involved, push notifications have a higher chance of a user responding than emails and messages, which might get lost in the many that a customer receives daily.

Exposure to a large Audience

We know the world is moving towards smartphones, and according to a study conducted by comScore 60% of media consumption today occurs on a mobile device and apps on an average take up about 7 of every 8 minutes of media consumption via a mobile device, therefore the app potential is huge. A well designed app in this scenario could give access to a large group of the demographic not only through direct interaction but also word of mouth.

Better Value to Overall Marketing strategy

An app can be a powerful tool to add value to a company’s overall marketing strategy. An existing or a potential customer who has downloaded the app is either loyal to the brand or is interested in the offering. This gives marketers an opportunity to better engage with him. In fact an app brings a marketer upclose and personal to a consumer's psyche.

Automation or Reinvention of Business Processes

For the Industry sectors such as manufacturing, logistics and transportation, an app can be utilized as a medium to automate existing processes such as tracking, real time updates and changes on schedule etc or completely reinvent a process, for example mobile payment.

If You Don't Have It Your Competitor Will

Finally, a very important thing to consider “If you Don’t Have It Your Competitor Will”. Today's world is constantly evolving and, so is your competition. So it becomes imperative to consider a situation where your competition has all the above 9 advantages and you are stuck with your same old website.

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