Zillow Salesforce Integration

Zillow is a popular real estate and rental marketplace devoted to empower consumers with data, encouragement and intelligence around the place they call home, and connecting them with the best local qualified who can help. It operates the most popular collection of mobile real estate apps, with more than one dozen apps across all major platforms. It freely distributes all of its property data to anyone who wants it, alike charging/paid people.

Benefits of Zillow :-

  • Using Zillow gives your listing exposure to millions of consumers
  • Consumers have access to a large number of properties which are not represented by agents.
  • Real estate agents can advertise skills to a broader audience.
  • New agents find can their feet quickly as playing field is leveled.
  • Using paid service like Zillow Premier Agent gives access to more listings.
  • Premier Agents get their own Wordpress website.

Benefits of moving Zillow leads into Salesforce :-

  • Less Time Consumption : In Zillow, agents need to open individual mail for interacting with the customer but in salesforce listing agents can easily contact more customers in a short time.
  • Create list in Salesforce : Whenever Zillow integrate with Salesforce then all the enquiries on zillow is converted in a list on Salesforce.
  • Easily fulfill the requirements of the client : After the dividation of customers, specific agents interact with the customers and try to fulfill the requirements of the customers.
  • Easily assign the task to the specific person : Whenever a list is created in Salesforce then all customers are divided in a specific group according to their needs & then assigned a person to a specific group is to interact with the agents.

What is Zapier ?

Zapier is an online automation device that attach your favourite apps such as Gmail, MailChimp, and over 1,000 more. You can attach two or more apps to automate constant tasks without coding. Move info between your web apps naturally, so you can concentrate on your most important work. It is a bridge that can help you connect all those applications and software that you use to maintain an online presence of your business.

How Astrea used Zapier to bring Zillow leads into Salesforce for a client ?

Zapier is a helpful to move information between your web apps automatically. So, Astrea used Zapier to integrate Zillow with Salesforce. Astrea worked on the requirements to provide an optimised solution that is easy to use and helps the client in managing the data as well as contacting to the customers for fulfilling his requirements.


When a customer apply a request on Zillow, Zillow creates some leads in the form of mails then with the help of Zapier, these leads converts into a list in Salesforce. This list is helpful for contacting to the customers and find out the requirements of the customers.


Whenever a list is created then it is helpful to fulfill the requirements of customers individually & also customers is divided in a specific group according to their needs & then assigned person to a specific group is to interact with the agents


If you will not create a list in Salesforce then you will open each lead in Zillow in a form of Email & then see the requirements of customers then work on it. So, It’s very time consuming process & single handed work.

After the whole process is to be completed, then every person has a question in his mind i.e, why should i use only Salesforce for this integration?

With Salesforce you can explore data that matters for your business in real-time, in order to get answers instantly and take action. Salesforce’s Community Cloud lets you create and manage communities, connecting customers, business partners and employees. This makes it clear for people to get the facts they demand, fast. Sales Automation SalesCloud has been called the “sales force automation” tool because it paces the whole sales process on auto-pilot and cooperation you get more advantages and close more contracts.Salesforce provides many unified results for many conditions of your business. For example, many CRMs allow you to send emails to your associations and path their communication with your brand. However, Salesforce also enables you to access the Marketing Cloud, a tool that you can use to create multichannel marketing campaigns across email, mobile, social and much more.