Creating a record in Zoho CRM using Zoho Creator without saving the record in Creator.

Instead of creating a record in Zoho Creator view and then pushing it into Zoho CRM, there is another way of storing the record straight into Zoho CRM. We may create a stateless form which can act as a web form that is embedded in a website. This form data can be submitted to any service or used to update a record in another form/application, without persisting data in Zoho Creator. The Deluge Get URL and Post URL task can be used to get/post data to external websites or other Zoho Creator applications.

Following procedure shows the same:

To create a Lead directly in Zoho CRM without creating a record in Zoho Creator view:

  1. Create a stateless form “Add Leads”(say)

    Zoho CRM Image1

  2. Create all the fields in the stateless form corresponding to Leads form in Zoho CRM.

    Leads fields in Zoho CRM:

    Zoho CRM Image2

    “Add Leads” form’s fields in Creator have to be similar to Leads fields in Zoho CRM:

    Zoho CRM Image3

  3. In the Stateless form “Add Leads”, write deluge script on “Action on click” of Submit Button

    Zoho CRM Image4

  4. While writing the code on “Action on click” on Submit button, a map has to be created.

    Zoho CRM Image5

    While putting keys and values in this map, we make sure that the key part should have the name of the CRM field, and the value part should have the corresponding field of the stateless form, whose value is supposed to be pushed into the CRM field, used in the key.

  5. Create a Lead record using:

    response=zoho.crm.create(“moduleName”, mapName);

    The above function generates a module record specified in “moduleName”(Leads here) using the map “mapName”(myMap here). The variable “response” holds this record.

    Zoho CRM Image6

  6. Click on “Save Script”

  7. Access this application and navigate to the stateless form

    Zoho CRM Image7

  8. Once the form is filled, click on Submit

    Zoho CRM Image8

  9. Moving to CRM Leads, we can see a new record created, holding the values we input in the above form.

    Zoho CRM Image9

    Zoho CRM Image10

    Zoho CRM Image11

Thus a lead is generated straight in Zoho CRM using a stateless form in Zoho Zoho creator.