AppExchange: A small app downloaded, a big step for industry

AppExchange has reached the mark of three million downloads. Many more milestones like this are on the way. AppExchange success is success not just for Salesforce, but also for Salesforce customers and partners. As a partner, AppExchange has been a constant support and provided a platform to grow, for us here at Astrea.

Astrea IT Services started with just 3 employees in 2010, it is now one of the most reputed Salesforce offshore partners with a rating of 4.9 out of 5 with 38 reviews on AppExchange and with nine apps on AppExchange.

Salesforce is used by various kind of business, with very vast and distinctive requirement. Many of the customers have very specific requirement that cannot be fulfilled by standard product. In this kind of situation AppExchange is the solution for every requirement. AppExchange is loaded with apps that have distinctive feature and specifications. The best part of the AppExchange is that the apps can be located easily and are easily downloaded to the Salesforce instance. This has led to growth of AppExchange partners as they build more apps on the AppExchange. AppEchange acts as a bridge between the customers and the partners. Customers get what they desire and the partners are able to fulfill customers requirements.

For customers AppExchange is a marketplace for Apps, they can compare one app with each other and see which app will meet their requirement or which app will help them in the development of their business. Customers can also see which partner has the capability to build an app as per their requirement and standards. They can see the pros and cons of the app through the reviews given by the other people who have installed the app previously.

AppExchange has helped many small partners in growing by providing free apps on AppExchange, like us. Free apps mainly help in three ways:

  • Build Credibility :

    Being an offshore partner it is always difficult to gain trust of the customers, as mostly deals is done through calls or mails. So if we have apps listed in the AppExchange than it become easier to convince on what potential does the company have. The reviews on the apps highly help in this area and attract new customers. We got positive response on our apps that have lead to many new customers and leads. Some people who reviewed us on our app Astrea Smart vCard

    Edmak Smith - Overall this app is great..

    “Simple to install. Relevant support is available and installation guide was useful in setting it up. Support commonly used formats of vCard and can generate multiple vCards also. The app is easy to understand and use.”

    Carolyn Larsen - Just what I was after!

    “I'm very happy with this- it is exactly what I was after. I am only new to using Salesforce, but I was used to being able to send vCards to my customers in my old system. I added this app and with the help of Salesforce to show me how to get it working, I have used it without any problems so far. Very simple to use as well.”

  • Build more Business:

    people use our apps and then they say “hey, that a great app can you customize it for us”. That helps in building long term relationship with the customers. This leads to new business opportunities.

  • Build Partnership:

    By seeing the free apps on AppExchange, the review and performance of the apps other partners approach us for helping them out in building their apps.

AppExchange has been a major factor for the success that the company is seeing now.