ChatRules: Automatically follow Chatter records

Chatrules helps users to follow and unfollow Chatter records on the basis of rules created by users. By defining simple rules Salesforce administrator can ensure that users will follow or unfollow Chatter records. The key features of Chatrules are:

  • Create rules for following or unfollowing the records
  • Preview the records before following and unfollowing the records
  • View dashboards for top 5 records followed by the users

The app is available on AppExchange

Business Scenarios

There are many scenarios in which users need to follow chatter records based upon business needs. A few of these are listed below:

  1. The West Coast Sales director is interested in receiving updates on all Opportunities with amount greater than One Million USD, and region is West Coast
  2. The Financial Account of our org is interested in receiving updates on all Opportunities that are in Closed Won status so that he can start working on their invoice
  3. The CFO is interested in receiving automatic on updates of all invoices whose value is greater than One Million USD
  4. John Smith, a Sales Manager in Wisconsin, is not interested in getting updates on Opportunities once they reach the stage of Opportunity Won. He needs to unfollow these records

These type of rules for automatically following and unfollowing records can be setup using Chatrules.The usefulness of Chatrules was best described by a customer in AppExchange feedback:

We evaluated every chatter app available. This is the best app we found for executing workflow rules to auto-follow and un-follow on a group to user level. Get proactive on objects like individual opportunities when criteria matches are hit. Rules writing takes about 30 seconds. Rules testing in the same amount of time. This app transformed my job as a sales exec. It's the best app we ever deployed. These guys are geniuses. Love it!

Chatrules supports six standard objects: Account, Contact, Opportunity, Lead, Case and User. With the help of the defined rules user can follow/unfollow any record in these six objects. In addition, with the help of dashboards users can view interesting statistics on how Chatter is being used in the Organization.

Key features of the App are:

  1. Follow records according to your need. The rules can be applied to existing records and also new records that meet the criteria.
  2. Unfollow existing records based upon defined criteria. Preview the records before unfollowing them
  3. View dashboard and analyze Chatter usage in the organization.


  1. How to create New Rule for Chatter Follow/Unfollow:
    1. Select the tab for which you want to create the rule
    2. Select the object for which you want to create the rule.
    3. Click on the New Rule button for creating a rule for the selected object
    4. ChatRule Image1

    5. Select the field for which you want to create the rule
    6. Define all required values for defining the rule. Users are allowed to create two conditions in one rule having logical operator between the defined conditions. Click on ‘Add New Rule’ link for creating another condition in the rule. Similarly, click on Remove Rule link for removing the second condition from the rule.
  5. ChatRule Image2


FOLLOWING AND UNFOLLOWING THE RECORDS Chatrules allows users to follow and Unfollow the records automatically. Anytime when records are created or updated in the object records, Chatrules checks whether the created record is fulfilling the conditions of created rules or not. If record fulfils the condition then users starts following the record.

Users are allowed to disable this functionality. For disabling the backend process:

Go to Setup-> App Set UP -> Develop -> Custom Setting -> Select ‘Enable Chatter Trigger’ from the available custom settings -> Manage -> Click on Edit link for ‘Enable trigger’ -> Make the checkbox false.

ChatRule Image3


DASHBOARD VIEW Chat Rules’ provides dashboards which helps users to check the records which are followed by most of the users. Dashboard shows top 5 records of objects followed by users. For checking a Dashboard Go to ‘Chat Rules Dashboard’ tab and check the required dashboard.

ChatRule Image4

User can check number of Account records followed in every month as well as in last week

ChatRule Image4

For any query on ChatRules App, contact