Chatrules helps users to follow and unfollow Chatter records on the basis of the created rules. By defining simple rules Salesforce administrator can ensure that users will follow or unfollow Chatter records.

  • Chatter records that they want automatically.
  • Create rules for following or unfollowing the records.
  • Preview the records before following and unfollowing the records.
  • View dashboards for top 5 records followed by the users
  • Chatrules enhances the Chatter experience for you and your organisation.

Chatrules supports six standard objects: Account, Contact, Opportunity, Lead, Case and User. With the help of the defined rules user can follow/unfollow any record in these six objects. In addition, with the help of dashboards users can view interesting statistics on how Chatter is being used in the Organization.

Key features of the App are:

  1. Follow records according to your need. The rules can be applied to existing records and also new records that meet the criteria.
  2. Unfollow existing records based upon defined criteria. Preview the records before unfollowing them.
  3. View dashboard and analyze Chatter usage in the organization.

You can get the product from Salesforce Appexchange

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.

Very Helpful - Completes Chatter functionality
This app is extremely helpful. I set it up to automatically follow Opportunities of a certain size, but you could also set it up to follow Accounts in a certain Industry or Leads from a certain source. The possibilities are endless! This really completes Chatter and gives it the functionality that you really can't do without! Highly recommended!

- Herman Jeremiah, Tech Support, To A Finish

Love It - My Chatter Addiction
We evaluated every chatter app available. This is the best app we found for executing workflow rules to auto-follow and un-follow on a group to user level. Get proactive on objects like individual opportunities when criteria matches are hit. Rules writing takes about 30 seconds. Rules testing in the same amount of time. This app transformed my job as a sales exec. It's the best app we ever deployed. These guys are geniuses. Love it!

- Sam Rajkovich, VP, Sales and Marketing, Sturtevant