Dolly Cloning Application

Dolly is a cloning application for Salesforce administrators. This app is useful in cloning Salesforce objects and its fields. This supports point and click graphical user interface which is very simple to use. Dolly is a free app. It is available for download from AppExchange at.

Often there is a business need to make a copy of one object to another. Let's say that an object has hundreds of custom fields. If we need to build a replica of this object, it can be a time-consuming process. Dolly app facilitates cloning of objects for Salesforce administrators.

  1. Cloning an object
  2. This app provides three functionalities. The first functionality is to clone standard and custom objects and copies only the custom fields of an object. The second functionality is to clone some selected custom fields of an object into some other existing object. It also provides the functionality to clone fields multiple times in an object.

    If we want to create a new object with the same fields from the selected object, we go to the first link on the home page.

    Dolly Cloning Application Screenshot

    1. We type the name of the object.
    2. Then we type the name of the new object.
    3. We click on clone object.
    4. The cloning starts and the user is notified whether the cloning is successf.

    Dolly Cloning Application Screenshot

  3. Cloning a subset of fields from one object to another
  4. If we want to clone selected fields from the source to destination object, we click on the second link

    1. We type the name of the source object.
    2. The custom fields of the object get displayed to the user.

      Dolly Cloning Application Screenshot

    3. User can select the fields he wants to clone
    4. Type the name of the destination object which is already present in the Salesforce.
    5. Click on clone fields

  5. Creating copies of an existing field
  6. If we want to clone field of a similar type within the object, we go to the third link

    1. We type the name of the source object.
    2. The get field picklist automatically gets updated with the list of fields present in the object.

      Dolly Cloning Application Screenshot

    3. Type the name of the new field.
    4. The add icon adds another field with different name.
    5. Click on clone fields.

      Dolly Cloning Application Screenshot

All these functionalities reduces the manual work for creating custom fields and is also an error free process.
However it has some limitations:

  1. RichTextArea, Geolocation, Rollup, External Lookup - Fields of these type cannot be cloned using this app
  2. . Checkbox - For this, the default value has to be set by user after the field gets clone.
  3. Autonumber - For this, Starting number and Display format has to be set by user.
  4. Formula - Formula fields referring to standard fields is not cloned.
  5. Standard fields will not get cloned in this app.

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.

Worked well and manual with FAQ documents very helpful
I found that this app worked well for what I needed it to do (saved me lots of time not having to set up an identical set of 77 fields in a different object). I found the User Manual and General FAQ documents which were emailed to me after installing the app were really helpful in showing how to use the app and the FAQ document esp with troubleshooting visibility of cloned fields.

- Sarah Barry, Registrar

This is a great App
Thanks to Astrea IT Services for developing this App.
We've been using it to clean our system by cloning custom fields from one custom object to another and we really really like it.

- Lionel Momeni Ngaleu, Sr. Application Management Service Analyst, Pearson