Dreamforce Session Videos

Dreamforce this year was held from September 15th to 18th, 2015. It was an event to remember especially for the launch of Salesforce Lightning and for energizing sessions. Astrea presented in three sessions at Dreamforce 2015. Naveen Gabrani, CEO, Astrea IT Services, was the speaker along with other speakers for these sessions.

The videos of the sessions are available on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. For direct access to the videos please follow the links given below

Setting up security in Salesforce instance

Making users lives easier with Publisher Actions

The first session was on the Setting Up Security In Your Salesforce Instance. The speaker for the session, along with Naveen Gabrani, was Joseph Dindinger, Owner, To A Finish. The session focused on setting up the correct security structure. The importance of security was discussed and some of the scenarios were explained. OWD(Organisation Default Wide) was explained as the minimum level of access provided to users across the Organisation. Also other concepts like Role Hierarchy, Sharing Rules and the impact of security on community users were discussed.

The second session was on Making User’s Lives Easier With Publisher . The speaker for the session, along with Naveen Gabrani, was Scott Pelak, Lead Developer, FlexChecks, Inc. The session was centralized on the use and benefits of Publisher Actions. A brief introduction to Publisher actions was given and how do we set up these actions was analyzed. The relevance of the Publisher Actions was discussed and few scenarios were given where they can be used and the demo of it was given. The categories of Publisher actions were illustrated and explained.