How We Are Engaging Our Teams During COVID-19?

Covid19 has changed the ways businesses are working today. Due to this pandemic, companies have introduced mandatory work from home policies for their employees. This has led to an abrupt change in the lifestyles of the people. Companies are trying to make sure that their employees are staying healthy and engaged at the same time.

Ensuring Team Health and building Confidence

Astrea is ensuring that all our employees are staying healthy and active. We are making sure that our employees are at a safe place and are ready to support them through the crisis. Keeping the employees informed regarding the healthy activities, has been our way to ensure team health within the organization. We are taking constant feedback from the employees and building confidence and trust in them. Our managers and leaders are supporting the employees by guiding them in their work. We are keeping our employees informed regarding the coronavirus as there is a lot of false information spreading in the news which might create a sense of panic amongst employees.


Virtual meetups and sessions

To ensure engagement of the employees as they are now working from home, we invite them to virtual meetings and conferences using programs like Gotomeeting. During these meetings, employees share their day to day tasks, queries and try to resolve issues of their other coworkers. Video conferencing is also done when certain sessions or training are given by managers. These virtual meetups help in maintaining a more natural way to connect with one another while working remotely. These regular meetings also encourage employees to keep up their regular routine and helps in keeping them productive.


Motivating employees to learn new skills

Most of the employees in our organization work on Salesforce. Salesforce is a technology that keeps on evolving timely. We encourage our employees to participate in new programs introduced by Salesforce. They learn new features and functionalities and earn badges. These badges later help them in winning certification vouchers. These engagements assist in enhancing their skills and achieving discounted vouchers for themselves. These certifications help them have a boost in their careers and resumes.

Updates regarding new Technologies and Releases

Our employees are always informed regarding the new technologies and updates. Any new features or enhancements announced are shared with all the employees of the company. New updates regarding the company’s policies, new certified professionals or any other information are also shared with them. We motivate employees to attend and participate in different online events and sessions in order to keep updated regarding new releases.


Together we are trying to keep our employees safe, connected and totally engaged. We are arranging regular training sessions for interns and virtual meetings and seminars for experienced employees. In these times of crisis, we are trying our best to keep our employees positive and active.