Integration of Klipfolio dashboard with Hubspot API(Sales and Marketing Tool)


A USA based consulting company which provides variety of services and products that solve the key needs of entrepreneurs. These needs include: Designing, Marketing, Content Writing, Advertising, SEO and Brand Strategy. The customer also builds Business Intelligence Dashboards for entrepreneurs to track their sales and profits. They are an Official Partner of HubSpot, and offer consulting services and development of inbound strategies to help turn digital channels in generating leads and customers.


The customer needed a sophisticated way to connect the Klipfolio Dashboard with Hubspot API. Hubspot is an online software product for inbound marketing. The software has features for social media marketing, email marketing, content management, web analytics and search engine optimization among others. Hubspot also provides an API which allows third parties to programmatically access their business logic and data. The API allows access to Hubspot’s aggregate class and marketing data for third-party web and mobile developers, as well as integration with individual business websites.

The data that we need to query are related to number of prospects, number of Leads (MQLs), SQLs, number of Opportunities, number of Clients in Contact API of Hubspot. So we have to fetch this type of data through custom API Queries. The Hubspot API is developed using industry standard technologies (REST web services, using JSON Data transport format) and it follows Basic Authentication based authorization using hubspot API key to validate the API connections. The challenges was that Hubspot neither support Java libraries nor any Java SDK is available. So a solution had to be developed to find an approach to made our application using Java.


We have made dynamic data sources to fetch the required business data from the Hubspot API using Java Program. As it is a REST based API having Basic authentication using Hubspot API key and the data transportation format is JSON, so we have performed parsing to get the data from the API and post it to the JSON based data source of the Klipfolio Dashboard.

We are using the Contact API to get the data from Hubspot server. To post the data on Klipfolio dashboard, we first created a Basic authentication signature by encoding it to Base64. We have also made scheduler service to update the data source of Klipfolio Dashboard at regular intervals. This service will take regular updates from all the sites of Hubspot API for the data source of Klipfolio Dashboard.


  • As Hubspot is an inbound and email marketing software tool, now using this application users are able to track the statistics of all the contacts in YTD or MTD format by creating graph in Klipfolio.
  • Users can easily check their daily statistics and are able to make performance comparisons.
  • Users can check the incoming and outgoing email status of each contact.
  • Users can check number of prospects, number of Leads (MQLs), SQLs, number of Opportunities, number of Clients for individual contacts.

Screenshots of the Dashboard and Datasource are shown below:

Hubspot image1

Hubspot image2