Hydra Clone Records In Lightning

Hydra is a lightning component which helps organizations to clone the records of any object. It also gives the functionality of bulk cloning, User can clone any number of records. Hydra is just like Astrea Clone but Hydra implements similar functionality as a lightning component.


  • Hydra allows the Users to clone multiple records at a time.
  • Users can change the field values according to their need.
  • It gives the functionality to clone child records and related lists.
  • It supports both Standard and Custom objects.
  • Hydra is free of cost.

Steps Involved

Step 1: Install the Hydra application by clicking on this link.


 Hydra Application

Step 2: Follow the usual prompts while installing any application from appexchange.

Step 3: Go to the record detail page for which User wants to clone the record.

 Record Detail

Step 4: Click on the gear icon and click on the edit page.

Step 5: Drag and drop the Astrea Clone component on the page.

Astrea Clone Component

Step 6: Save the changes.

Step 7: Now the User can click on Astrea Clone button

 Astrea Clone

Step 8: This will open a new dialogue box and User can enter the number of records he wants to clone.

 Record Clone

Step 9: If the User wants to edit the details in the cloned record , click on edit rules and enter the details and save.

Cloned Record

Step 10: Users may check the checkbox for the child record or related lists they want to clone.

Step 11: Click on the clone button and finally our records are cloned now.

Cloned Successfully


The Hydra lightning component saves time and reduces the efforts for cloning records. Now users can clone the records and its child records just by clicking on one button. Users can clone hundreds of records in an instant of time by using this application.