Object Hierarchy

Object Hierarchy graphically displays two level child hierarchies for a particular record. For example if used within an account record, it will display all child contacts, accounts, opportunities and custom object of this account, and also the children of these child contacts, accounts, opportunities and custom object.

User can expand and collapse the hierarchy tree by clicking on the icon appearing before the record name on any level.

After configuration, a button can be added to any object. Clicking on this button brings up the Object Hierarchy in a new tab.

The tool is available as a free app on AppExchange.

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.

Very nice "Tree-Level" view of Related Objects.
Just tested this app and it works very well.. gives a very nice "Tree-Level" view of our Related objects..

- Jerry Alexander, Salesforce Administrator

Great App, Great Support
This App does exactly what I wanted it to do: show the account hierarchy. There was actually a problem with the initial installation that had me frustrated, but their customer service was phenomenal. They went above and beyond to make sure it worked, and considering it is a free app, I was very impressed with their support.

- David Jacoby, Chief Operating Officer, Health Advocate