Training & Astrea

Astrea has vast experience of Salesforce consulting as well as Product development best practices. To fulfill the gap of Industry requirements and the present scenario of candidates, We are running Online training modules focused on the following three categories,

  1. Business people who want to become Salesforce Administrators
  2. Salesforce Administrators who want training on basics of coding.
  3. Training for Salesforce certifications

These trainings are customized based on specific needs of the trainee. They are offered remotely over web conference in one-to-one or one-to-many environment.

Training for Business person to Admin


The training covers basic topics related to your Salesforce onboarding journey. This includes understanding with Salesforce CRM, licenses Editions and concepts like Salesforce objects and fields, Workflow rules, reports, validation rules etc. The goal of the training will be to allow attendees to develop an understanding of Salesforce object model, Workflow rules, Flows and Process Builder, Approval processes, Validation rules, development of reports and dashboards.


Prior experience of Salesforce as a user is desirable but not necessary.

Training Topics

Day 1: Introduction to CRM, Salesforce and Basics of Description of the Functionalities and components of SFDC development Introduction & Admin configuration

Day 2: Managing the Org & Users, Setting Security & Access, Reports and Dashboards Introduction & Admin configuration Extending the basics of Salesforce, Automation using Workflows, Process Builder

Typically these are offered as multiple one hour sessions based on trainee schedule.

Training for Basics of Coding


The training covers basic topics required for developing triggers and batches in Apex, Visualforce pages, Lightning Component. Simple examples related to Triggers are covered. Basics of Apex programming language will be covered. The goal of the training will be to allow attendees to develop basic understanding of Apex and Visualforce.


The training assumes that user has experience on Salesforce as a user or administrator. The attendee should understand concepts like Salesforce objects and fields, Workflow rules, reports, validation rules etc. Prior programming experience in any other language is desirable, but is not required.

Training Topics

Day 1: Typical Apex uses, Basics of Apex syntax, Lists and Maps in Apex, Conditional statements, Looping statements, SOQL statements, Process of developing triggers, Trigger syntax, Types of trigger, Example of simple triggers, Using the System.Debug, Operators in Apex

Day 2: Development of Apex test cases, Test Coverage, Bulkification of triggers, Developer console, Governance Limits, Implementing roll up summary using a trigger

Training Schedule & Cost

The duration of training is decided based on client requirements. The training will be provided over Gotomeeting. Pls contact training[at]astreait[dot]com to register for the training.

Training for Certification & Advance Salesforce


Astrea provides comprehensive sessions to prepare you for the Salesforce Certification Exams and provide assistance in analysing your strengths and improving the core areas.

There are various range of topics covered in this training that includes,

Introduction to Visualforce page, Apex Controllers Visualforce pages, Developing test cases, Apex Triggers and Batch classes and job scheduling. Introduction to Integration solutions and Web services, Introduction to Lightning, Customization using Lightning Design,Introduction to Lightning components. Introduction to Chatter, AppExchange and Introduction to Service Cloud Cont. Capabilities of Case Management, Salesforce Knowledge and Implementation practices Introduction to Salesforce Communities and capabilities of Communities Data Loading and deployment Practices, Real Scenario based demos, best practices, Q & A and course evaluation.

This can be customized and is delivered as per your need, please contact us for finalizing the scope of the training at