PIGEON: Sync Salesforce and phone contacts

Pigeon is an application that enables users to synchronize their contacts between Phone and Salesforce. It supports two-way synchronization of contacts between Salesforce and phone. The user can select which contacts to upload before synchronizing.

The Pigeon app is useful in exporting contacts from Salesforce to your phone contact. It can also export contacts from phone to Salesforce. It has a simple point and click graphical user interface which is very easy to use. You can select multiple contacts at a time and synchronize them.

You can install the app from Google Play Store

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Edit before saving

User can edit Salesforce contacts before saving to phone and It will also update to Salesforce. When the application starts, it imports the contacts from the Salesforce. We can select the contacts and edit the details before saving it in our phone memory. The contacts are simultaneously updated to Salesforce as well.

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Handling of duplicate contacts:

When synchronizing from Salesforce to phone, the app first checks if the phone number or email id is already present in any contact. If it does, then it skips the contact. When synchronizing from phone to Salesforce, the app locates the contact based upon the email or phone number and then it updates the existing contact.

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Share the app and send feedback

The users can share the Pigeon app with other people through different options provided to the user. The user can also contact the team for any feedback or if any problems encountered while running the app.

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For any query on Pigeon App, contact support@astreait.com