Salesforce University 2016: Destination success

Salesforce University 2016 promises to be an exciting event for everyone in the Salesforce landscape. You can enhance your expertise as an Admin or Developer or a Marketeer, and also get Salesforce certified by giving certification exams. The aim of the conference is to provide comprehensive training on different Salesforce modules.

The first edition of Salesforce Destination Success is scheduled to be conducted between March 7th to 11th, 2016 in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.Event registration can be done through the link

Dreamforce is a wonderful event to understand different aspects and to understand the breadth of Salesforce platform, and to network with key decision makers. If you need to build in depth knowledge, then Destination Success is the event to be.

Destination Success is an event focussed in comprehensive learning about Salesforce. It’s a five day event which includes the following main attractions :

  • It will augment your knowledge about Salesforce through training, exercises and discussions
  • It will help to resolve the issues in business and provide possible solutions in the Salesforce platform
  • Get motivated by the speeches of the Salesforce leaders and visionaries
  • Strengthen and discuss tips for successful completion of certifications, and have an opportunity to give Free Certification Exams
  • Get connected with peers and experts from different industries while unravelling at distant social events and celebrations

You can take advantage of all this and much more just by paying $2,595. Attendees will also be invited the after hours party on Wednesday, and they can bring any guest along with them too (at additional cost for the guest).

Salesforce University image1

In addition to the learning events and discussions, people will get three opportunities to give the certification Exams. The three chances include taking the same exam three times or three distinct exams.

No matter which role you belong to, for example whether a Salesforce Developer or a Salesforce marketeer, you will get to learn how to get more out of Salesforce and experience a whole new aura at Destination Success.

The tracks included at the event are included below. Each track will have a fixed agenda that you will need to follow.

The Salesforce Administrator : Whether new or experienced or even a Nonprofit Administrator can gain knowledge at Destination Success. There are different tracks and events for different administrators.

New Salesforce Administrator Track: If you are new or have a little experience as a Salesforce Administrator, this track is for you. Your responsibility as Salesforce Administrator is to ensure that the new users of Salesforce get the right access to the data that they want without any trouble. You also should know how to import important data from external sources and to create reports and dashboards to evaluate real time data.

Experienced Salesforce Administrator track: If you are an experienced Salesforce Administrator, and want to enhance your skills further and build expertise on new features, then this track is for you. As an experienced Administrator, you should know how to improve and take care of the of the records so that the users access only what they are supposed to. Also you should know how to build custom objects and applications so that users can take full leverage of the Salesforce.

Salesforce Platform App Builder Track: As a Salesforce Platform App Builder, your responsibility is to analytically create applications and visualforce pages to personalize interfaces. You should also need to know how to change and customize applications that support multi users.

Salesforce Nonprofit Administrator Track: As a Salesforce Nonprofit Administrator, your devotion to the organization drives it. You should know how to maintain business and manage the donors.

Salesforce Developers: As a Salesforce Platform Developer, you are responsible to analytically customize salesforce to meet business needs. You should know how to use Apex and Visualforce to meet company needs. This track is for people who wants to grow their programmatic skills that will enable them to write down complex Apex controllers and Lightning Components.

Salesforce Digital Marketers: Being a Marketer, building relevant connections is the vital thing to approach and reach the leads where they engage the most. You need to know how to increase the popularity of your organization. You should be able to send, receive and keep track of emails.

Salesforce Nonprofits: As discussed earlier, Salesforce Nonprofit Administrator should know how to increase Salesforce ability to track and manage your donors. Your dedication towards the organization will lead it to higher level.

Thus Salesforce University 2016, Destination Success is an event which gives you the opportunity to grow and intensify your Salesforce skills in whichever role you belong. Do not miss the never before opportunity to grow your skills and network within Salesforce community. Get ready for awesomeness!!!