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vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards. vCards are often attached to e mail messages, but can be exchanged in other ways, such as on the World Wide Web or instant Messaging. They can contain name and address information, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs, logos, photographs and audio clips.

vCard is the standard for sharing Contact information between E-mail Clients and other applications that store Contacts.

Reason to Use Smart vCard

With Smart vCard for Salesforce CRM, available from the AppExchange, it becomes insanely easy to export your Salesforce CRM Contact information as vCards.

Smart vCard allows you to create a vCard file for the import of information from (e.g. a Lead, Contact, Account or User) into a Personal Information Manager(e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Apple Address Book, etc.) that supports the import of vCard (.vcf) files or PDF.

You can

  • Export any of your Contact, Lead, User and Account to the vCard format.
  • Support VCF 3.0 & VCF 2.1 format
  • Export single or multiple Contacts, Leads & Accounts as vCard as PDF
  • Native Application – The application is 100% on the platform. It utilizes Visualforce and Apex Code to perform its operations.
  • Aloha Application – This Application doesn’t count against your system limits for apps, tabs, and objects—no matter which edition you’re using.
  • All Editions Supported – The application fully supports the group, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited editions of Salesforce.
  • Pre-configured support for Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Users – Upon install, you immediately have the ability to generate vCards for Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Users.
  • Support for Standard fields – Large number of fields of Accounts, Contacts, leads and Users are copied to vCard.
    • Name (First, Last and Nickname)
    • Organization/Company Name
    • Title
    • Addresses (work, home, other)
    • Phone Numbers (work, home, mobile, preferred, fax)
    • Emails
    • Note
  • Support for Custom Fields -Smart vCard facilitate you to map your custom fields for inclusion in the vCard’s Note Field.
  • Free Download – You can Download at a click. All you need to click Get It Now button, the file will be downloaded.
  • Easy Export – Export single or Multiple vCards as PDF, print and carry.

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.

Astrea has smart vCard Lightning component in Lightning experience. User can export, import Contact, Lead and Account in VCF format only. Smart vCard allows for exporting Contact information one at a time. It can export any of your Contact, Lead, User and Account to the vCard format. You can download the component from Appexchange.

Astrea Smart vCard Chrome Extension can manage user contacts efficiently. Contact information can be exported from Accounts, Contacts and Leads as a VCF 3.0 file format. You can download Astrea Smart vCard from the link below-

Exactly what I needed
Salesforce has really expanded into the app market making it a really solid CRM with add-ins like Astrea and Linkpoint which both connect my outlook and salesforce to give me a stronger competitive advantage.

- Donald Smith

Saved time and very helpful/responsive support provided
Installation is quick and easy, and functionality is exactly as specified. Easy to use for end users, and meets the requirement of generating vCards in Salesforce; it also enables our users to save those vCards as contacts in Outlook, reducing duplicate data entry. The Support team is very helpful and quick to respond - a pleasure to work with.

- Pamela Lauw, Director, Business Development, Brookfield Financial