SmartCal is an App which helps you to be more organised. Users can set Email alerts for any tasks or Events which requires a notification. SmartCal has many features which can help any company to make their employees to stay connected to their schedule. It provides a small but useful add-on to standard Salesforce Tasks and Events functionality.

  1. You can schedule an Event or Task reminder. At the scheduled time a mail will be sent to the User reminding her about the events and tasks for that day. This is especially useful for people on the road.
  2. Scheduled Event or Task can be of type, email, call, and meeting.
  3. In Event scheduling you can send email reminder to Attendees also.
  4. In Task scheduling, the user has option, whether he also wants to inform related contacts or not, by checking the appropriate checkbox.
  5. Display of events and tasks assigned to the logged in user in a single monthly calendar view. From the calendar view, the user can create new tasks and events without going to a different screen.
    Smartcal offers two tabs
  1. Tab to offer a detailed view of calendar with the tasks and events
  2. Tab for administrators to set the rules for email reminders.