Trash to Cash achieves Automation using

News Facts:

  • Trash to cash wanted to streamline the operational and functional activities by automating all the manual processes.
  • Astrea helped this Non-profit by Implementing as a CRM.

Trash to cash works towards making a difference by creating employment opportunities among the disabled community and under-developed areas of India. They use trash to make new and better things (Recycling of products) and sell it locally and online. Trash to cash works towards following for objectives:

  • Bridging the gap between childhood and adulthood
  • Creating a Model of Employment for groups of persons with disability (from poorer sections of the population with little or no access to education
  • Contributing to mainstream issues – Environment conservation
  • Empowering other NGOs to address the issue of employment

Trash to cash wanted to automate the manual operational processes to improve the efficiency of the Non-profit. They wanted to gain a better access to the market and concentrate on spreading the word for their organization rather than spending too much labor on gathering the scattered pieces of their business.

How Astrea provided a Solution:

Trash to cash approached Astrea seeking advice, to make a better solution for them. Astrea analyzed the business process and the objective of the Non-profit, and suggested to be implemented in line with the business process. “I have worked with Astrea Team on a CSR project and have found them to be extremely good professionals. Astrea Team is a go-getter with highly skilled and enthusiastic people who deeply understand customer's requirement and are always working on a solution mode.” Says Dr. Madhumita Puri, CEO, Trash to Cash.

Astrea developed a system to manage their Products, Vendors, Customers, Contacts and Raw-material. Trash to Cash benefited from a full-fledged system which will support them to be working more efficiently focusing on their objective. “My interaction with Naveen, Bhisham and Kumar was always fruitful as they worked hard to give me time bound and customer oriented results. I truely appreciate Naveen for his Leadership and Bhisham for managing and developing his team.“ Says Madhumita Puri

About Astrea IT Services Private Limited:

Astrea’s offering enables client to quickly leapfrog their CRM through product development and customizations. Astrea IT Services is a Registered partner. Astrea’s core competencies include Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Applications Implementation, Data Management on the platform and Cloud Application Development. Astrea has four products on AppExchange – Astrea Clone, Smart vCard, SmartCal and Object Hierarchy.