What is Zoho ?

ZOHO Alliance PartnerZoho is a web-based office suite that provides applications for various business purposes. This includes Customer Relationship Management(Zoho CRM), Custom Application Development(Zoho Creator), Accounting Software(Zoho Books), Reporting(Zoho Reports) and many more. Currently, Astrea is working for various projects under Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a platform provided by Zoho Corp. which provides systematic approach to manage customer relationships. This helps in automating tasks, improve workflows, create and capture opportunities, capture leads etc. It gives a detail of where the customer is in the sales cycle. It also has dynamic reports and dashboards to provide clear pictures.

Zoho Creator

Zoho creator is another interesting platform provided by Zoho Corp. It is used to build custom applications. Based on the forms and fields, it provides building of various custom forms and their respective organized databases to hold their data. It also provides various views like HTML view, grid view etc., of the database through which, the collected data can be seen in the desired format.

What expertise we have ?

Expertise on Zoho CRM


Applying Workflows

Creating Alerts

Associating Links to records

Using Zoho CRM API

Creating new fields

Managing Layouts

Website Integration


Assignment Rules


Creating Email Templates



Expertise on Zoho Creator


Creating Forms

Creating dynamic reports using views

Managing forms interactions

Creating dynamic reports using Zoho CRM data

Auto populating values

Creating records in Zoho CRM

Custom actions on records

Sending emails.

Pushing records to Zoho CRM

Linking various stateless forms together to create a single record

Updating Zoho CRM records

Filtering views based on criteria