Astrea Listview Export for Salesforce - Chrome Extension

Astrea Excel Generator is a chrome extension that can be used to download Listview contents in Salesforce Classic. The list will be downloaded in excel format with all the associated fields.

You can download Astrea Excel Converter from the link below:

How to Install the extension?

  • Go to the Chrome web store and search Astrea Excel Converter or follow the link given above
  • Download the chrome extension for salesforce users
    Excelgenerator_image1 image1
  • Click on Add extension
    Excelgenerator image2

  • Astrea Excel Converter will be added to the chrome
    Excelgenerator image3

Key features of the Extension

  • It can export large sets of data from Salesforce
  • It can be used for both Standard and custom objects
  • It exports data in excel format with all the required fields

Using Astrea Excel Converter extension

  • After adding the extension to Chrome, select any object of the Salesforce org
    Excelgenerator image4
  • Select desired option from the List view
  • The list will be displayed
  • Click on the extension
    Excelgenerator image5
  • The Listview contents will be downloaded on your system
    Excelgenerator image6

  • You can view the downloaded file in excel format with all the associated fields

    Excelgenerator image7