Astrea Salesforce Activites - Chrome Extension

With Astrea My Activities Chrome extension user can access all the information of all the activities i.e Tasks and Events scheduled for current date or up to next three days. My Activities shows if any current or upcoming events are there for selected time period or any scheduled task is there. It also shows the overdue tasks that are pending and not dismissed by the user. All the completed tasks and events are never shown by the extension.

You can download Astrea My Activities from the link below- astrea-my-activities

How to Download the Extension

  • Go to the Chrome web store and search Astrea My Activities or follow the link given above
  • Click on ADD TO CHROME


  • Click on Add extension


  • Astrea My Activities will be added to the chrome

Key features of the Extension

  • User need to enter ‘Hours for Events’ between 1 and 96. Hours less than 1 will be counted as 24 hours and hours more than 96 will be counted as 96 hours.
  • Enter ‘Days for Task’ between 0 and 3. Days less than 0 will be counted as 0 and days more than 3 will be counted as 3.
  • It tracks currently running Events and events scheduled within 1 to 96 Hours.(Initially 24 Hours)
  • Tracks tasks which are due for today or in next 3 days.
  • Shows Overdue tasks that are not yet dismissed
  • User can dismiss all the tasks and events at once

Using Astrea My Activities extension

  • After adding the extension to Chrome, go to the Homepage of the lightning System
  • Click on the chrome extension
  • A popup will appear asking to fill the number of days and hours for tasks and events


  • After this, all the upcoming tasks and events and overdue tasks will be shown in a new page


  • User can dismiss all the Activities


  • User can also change the hours and days if required by clicking on “Change Limit”


Astrea has also developed My Activities Lightning Component in Salesforce. My Activities is a component which shows a popup if any active event or upcoming event is there within 24 hours(customizable) and if any scheduled Task is there for current date(customizable). This component can be drag and dropped to any record page or Home Page. You can download the component from Appexchange.