Astrea Notes Converter

Uploading notes in Salesforce will no longer be available in Notes and Attachment list after Winter 18 release. Hence, Astrea has build a new app that can help users to convert their notes for a particular object into enhanced notes. This may save a lot of time while not converting notes manually for each object.

Astrea Notes Converter App Image1

Astrea Notes Converter app allows users to convert their public notes to enhanced notes. The notes can belong to any standard and custom objects. Using this app, user can convert, delete the notes with its simple graphical user interface.

Key Features of the app

  • The app can convert notes that are belonging to standard as well as custom objects of Salesforce
  • User can delete the notes which are old and already converted
  • User can keep track of errors during conversion of notes

Using the app

  • Select the object name to convert all the notes into enhanced notes

    Astrea Notes Converter App Image2

  • Select the objects to delete all the old converted notes

    Astrea Notes Converter App Image3

  • Admin can convert, delete all the notes
  • Other user profiles can convert, delete only the notes owned by them

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.

You can download the app from Appexchange.