Mashup Klips (Shopify, Google Analytics, Bing, Facebook and Google Adwords) Dashboard Development


The Client is a Canada based Boutique Consulting firm focused on developing and executing integrated marketing and digital solutions for companies of all sizes. They wanted us to show Mashup data from various APIs in his Klipfolio account’s client Instance. In this context we have to fetch data from Shopify, Google Analytics, Bing, Facebook and Google Adwords.


Data required from these API was to be fetched from 20 Clients Account from each API into 20 Klipfolio Client Accounts Instance. We had to develop 3 dashboards(total 9 Klips in each Klipfolio Client Account Instance). Major challenge for us was to get data from Shopify into Klipfolio via Shopify Standard Connector available in Klipfolio since there was a huge amount data in client’s Shopify account.

Data required from Shopify was basically related to Orders i.e. Orders, Units and Total Sales for different time periods(YTD, MTD and Last Month) with YOY comparison. After some prior investigation we found out that since Shopify Instances had a huge amount of data that would give error while developing data sources in Klipfolio as Klipfolio data source size limit is 10 MB.


Initially we used MAPFLAT function in Klipfolio, but shortly we realised that we need to fetch around 90+ pages from Shopify API to fetch whole Yearly data. Moreover Dashboard loading time was increased significantly around 15-20 min(for comparison usually Klipfolio dashboards loads in few seconds). These made it impossible for the client to use the dashboards.

Then we finally developed monthly data sources from Shopify one for each month(sliding monthly data sources starting from current month and sliding back to -11 months in other data sources).

After reviewing the dashboard we saw some discrepancy in data. After investigation we found out the cause for this error, Shopify was returning data for GMT Time Zone. This lead us to modify each and every Shopify data source in Klipfolio. We changed the timezone by customizing the api queries manually and set them according to different timezones in accordance to their respective client account location.


Data from Shopify, Google Analytics, Bing, Facebook and Google Adwords was fetched using Klipfolio Standard Connectors. Total 180 Klips/60 Dashboards were developed using Klipfolio User Client Property(i.e. developing Klips in 1 client account and importing them in other Client Accounts). We were able to show the Mashup data.