Generate Excel Documents from List Views in Communities


Client’s business runs on the Salesforce Community cloud. To manage documents by various community users and internal organization users, managing data of Salesforce records is a big challenge. We came up with a solution to build a lightning component to export documents from listviews and suggested salesforce integration for easy access and downloading excel files for back office users.

Note : List2Excel is integrated with Salesforce api so this works under Salesforce limitations. Also Salesforce does not provide access to the API for guest site users.


  • We need to provide a single click export functionality for community users so that they can export an excel file from their system.
  • File size can vary for different customers if they want to export heavy data files.
  • Providing selected sObject’s list views in a picklist.
  • Providing all columns of selected listview i.e. available to listview layout.
  • Providing lookup information with respect to selected listview.
  • Handling large data with pagination and logics.
  • Making custom object listview available for export in a few clicks.


  • We created a tab with the name “List To Excel” that is exposed on community pages which provides functionality for users to export the excel file.
  • Implemented Javascript code that is used to avoid apex limitations upto the extent and various export limitations of objects data in Salesforce. We have successfully exported 25MB data (for approx 10k records) i.e. safe limit.
  • Ability for users to allow selecting sObjects from picklist.
  • List2Excel component integrated with salesforce API that makes all back office object listviews available (i.e. supported by salesforce) to users in one go, along with their columns.


  • Adding logic for handling lookup data and pagination with components and apex.


  • Ability for users to select custom objects from multi select picklist in a go.


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