Files, Attachments & Notes

The functionality of creating notes and viewing Files, notes and attachments is not available in Lightning environment unlike in Salesforce Classic under Accounts Object. Files, Attachments and Notes component allows users to view files, notes and attachments that belong to child record under the parent record. It also provides the feature of creating notes in Lightning interface. This component works for not only Account but also for other objects like contact, opportunity, case, task and other custom objects.

You can download the component from Appexchange

Working of the Component

  • Download the component from the Appexchange
  • Navigate to any any record page and click on setup

  • From the drop down menu, select edit page
  • Select NotesAttachment component under custom manage and drag it to the page layout

  • Activate and save the layout
  • User can now see files, notes and attachment component in the layout

  • Clicking on the new note button will allow user to create a new note belonging to child record

  • View All button will allow users to see all the files, notes and attachments for the child records


User can refer to User Manual for more details about the component.

It works!!
I was able to successfully view any files or attachments related to child objects on the account record page in a related list via lightning component. It includes files attached to opportunities and custom objects directly related to the account as well as attachments included with emails attached using the Salesforce for Outlook add-in. I did check the parent account record of the account that I was working with to attach files and they did not roll-up to the parent, but that is currently not functionality that is needed in my Org. This is exactly what I need, thanks!!!

- Mona Weso, Salesforce Administrator, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group

I deployed your “Files Attachments & Notes” app to our production environment after meeting and training our staff. I wanted to take a minute to let you know just how much our Salesforce users appreciate this app. They are very happy to be able to see all child Notes and Files from the Account object in Lightning. Thank you for making this functionality available for Lightning!

- Pamala T. Bowen, Database Administrator, WFYI Public Media