Loading Shopify Data to Einstein Analytics- Salesforce: Wave Analytics Custom Connector

Einstein Analytics is a game changer technology which brings Business Intelligence to the organisations with greater insights of decision making on Business data. Its a cloud-based platform for connecting data from multiple data sources, creating interactive dynamic views of that data, and sharing those views in certain apps.

Some of the great features of Einstein Analytics Salesforce include - Facility of Instant Visualisation of Salesforce (Sales, Service, Marketing and Community Cloud Data) or External Data, Create Dashboards with Pre-built Templates (Widgets and Widget Wizards), Mashup of Multiple Datasets and Lenses, and Ability to connect and load data from an Excel, a Salesforce org or a 3rd party database like MySQL, MS SQL Server etc and push that directly using Informatica’s Salesforce Analytics Cloud connector (Informatica Rev) into Wave.

To extend the usefulness of Einstein Analytics, Salesforce enable provisions to implement your own custom data load connector using the External Data API. If you wish to implement your own connector to load data from various different APIs (External Sources) into Wave you can use the External Data API.

Astrea Team has built a smart Custom Connector in Java to Load Shopify API data into Wave. Shopify is an e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Initially, we have considered Orders, Customers and Products Shopify Objects for our custom connector. Our Connector pulls the data from these objects and pushes the same into Wave for Reports/Charts Building. We also provides Scheduler facility in our connector so that the Businesses can push the Shopify data at their convenient time interval.

Need For Shopify Wave Connector

Shopify usually contains a lots of data even for the small time frames (such as WTD, MTD or QTD) around 100 of MBs. Also some Business houses runs multiple Shops. So it is not possible to store and handle this much data in any other Cloud Based BI Tool if the Business House want to Create Dashboards on Shopify Data(usually impose data size limitation of around 10MBs only in Various Cloud based BI Platforms) and hence we have made Einstein Analytics Salesforce Connector. We can store and handle GBs of data in here. Link to External Data Limits: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=bi_limits.htm&type=5. Also Analytics/Reporting capability is very powerful in Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

Sample Wave Charts on Shopify Data -

  • Tunnel Chart: Product Type Vs Product Count

    Tunnel Chart image
  • Waterfall Chart: Country Vs Number Of Customers

    Waterfall Chart image
  • Funnel Chart: Product Type Vs Count Of Product

    Funnel Chart image

For any queries on building custom data sources for Salesforce Analytics Cloud please contact us. Einstein analytics pricing information is available at Salesforce website.