Mobile App Development For Salesforce

Mobile app for Salesforce allows all our Sales/Service/Marketing agents to have access to Salesforce data both online and offline.

Salesforce has its own mobile application app which is quite powerful. However if you have need for offline, or have other business specific Salesforce requirements for app, then building a custom Mobile app for Salesforce is a better option.

Salesforce mobile platform is a mobile offering of Salesforce and provides all the functionality of Salesforce into a smaller package and with the mobility of a smartphone/Tablet. It offers an excellent on the go platform for mobile workers to bring a new productivity and efficiency to their tasks by helping them update and access account records onsite.

On the other hand Mobile app solutions for Salesforce offers a complete mobile development solution from design phase to the launch and maintenance based on business specific needs. One of the major functionality is providing offline support.

Offline Mobile App For Salesforce

At times we receive requirements from our customers for the functionality of offline support when using Salesforce. This could be applicable often when a Sales or Marketing user needs to visit customers in remote locations. Astea has successfully implemented scenarios where customers have achieved offline mobile app for salesforce. There are many business scenarios and examples where the offline data storage is required for Mobile app for Salesforce.

Examples of Mobile app for Salesforce, A Non-Profit Organization active in an African country which offers the delivery of an electric appliance across the country. The people of the organization delivers the product and takes the feedback or the delivery confirmation through a digital signature on their tabs. This gets uploaded on the device and can be seen by the concerned authorities to confirm successful delivery. When the Salesperson visits the customer location, he may be offline. When the Salesperson gets online at a later time, then the survey feedback should be synched in Salesforce.

Let us take another scenario of a utility repair organization. Agents of utility repair visit customer locations and repair the utility services in ad hoc as needed basis. These are urgent requests that need to be rectified in a short time. The complaint will be registered and this gets saved as a Case in Salesforce. The person responsible for the rectification will fix the problem and takes a digital signature on a mobile device or some consent message will be taken for the confirmation of bug repair.

Another prospect that we are working on provides online grocery shopping website. They store orders received as an Opportunity. When an order is successfully delivered, they have a requirement that Opportunity status should be changed to “Delivered”. The vendor sends the items to the respective place and after collecting the ordered items, a confirmation is needed whether the delivery was done on time and with appropriate products. The service agent takes the acceptance from recipient on his mobile device. At this time the service agent may be offline. When the device comes back online, the corresponding Opportunity status needs to get changed to “Delivered”.

These Scenarios certainly show the importance and usage of Mobile app for Salesforce and also the benefits of the Offline Mobile app support. When employees are at a customer site, they may not always be online. However the information needs to be captured and relevant Salesforce record needs to be updated, when the device comes back online.

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