New Features in Klipfolio - 2016

Our deep knowledge of Klipfolio and its capabilities allows us to integrate it with various data sources and develop out of the box methodologies to achieve the goals of our clients. Astrea has experience integrating Klipfolio with numerous products. We recently cleared beta partner certification in Klipfolio Technology.

As you know Klipfolio has evolved over time, making the experience of building a marketing dashboard easier, smarter and faster. Some new features were added to Klipfolio with every evolving stage having new look and feel. The details are given below in order of month releases for 2016.


  • The beta release of free Public Links for everyone was announced. These shared Public Dashboard Links are easy way to share dashboards with a larger, public audience ( up to 1000 viewers at a time ).
  • A new button “Duplicate” was added on data source info page to easily duplicate any data source.
  • In a Bar or Line chart, the functionality to reorder series without rebuilding the entire series chart was introduced.
  • Administrators can now generate password reset links and send them to new users or those wanting to change their passwords.
  • Klip Gallery was also updated with new services and klips.
  • Mobile app was updated. Opening Mobile App will trigger data source refresh.
  • Tables on dashboard can be scrolled vertically if viewed on mobile devices.


  • Sample data was added in Klip Gallery. This comes handy when someone wants to add a Klip from Klip Gallery and doesn’t have credentials.
  • A new component Funnel chart was added to Component Library which is used to show data as it moves through the various stages of a process.


  • Connector Gallery was introduced to connect with different services and sample queries were provided that helps in pulling data.
  • In the same month Klipfolio became official Zapier integration partner and thus data source connections to more than 500 apps in the Zapier integration ecosystem is now possible.
  • Some new functions including TIME and AVERAGEIF function were introduced.The TIME function returns the duration as number of seconds since midnight and the AVERAGEIF function is equivalent to Nesting the AVERAGE function within IF function.
  • To use the functions easily new “Function Help” feature was introduced which includes the definitions and examples of different functions.
  • To configure start-of-week, week-of-year and preferred language for month and days of the week klipfolio introduced new feature “Company Locale setting” for use in Date functions.


  • 7 new services: KeenIO, Github, ProsperWorks, FreshBooks, Harvest, Quintly and Freshdesk and new pre-built Klips were added.
  • The Klip Gallery was divided in seven categories as : Digital Marketing KPIs, Web Metrics Dashboard, Rand Fishkin Dashboard, Search Marketing KPIs, Social Media KPIs, Sales KPIs and Finance KPIs. These categories help to find the metrics quickly and easily.


  • 4 new services: Unbounce, SEMrush, Influitive and Oracle Sales Cloud were added.
  • Klipfolio added support for new Pixel API via Facebook connector in the Connector Gallery.
  • Klipfolio introduced functionality to share klips and dashboards with slack channels.


  • The following services: Stripe, Insightly, Chargify, CampaignMonitor, Wistia, Freshbooks and Jira were added to Connector Gallery.


  • Klipfolio came with some new features for their partners in this month like Klipfolio Partners can now give other users in their partner account a view-only sign-in to Client dashboards for testing.
  • They can push Klip schema changes from a master Klip down to imported instances across all clients. No more logging into multiple clients to make updates to the same Klip.
  • Google connection was updated. Now, the users are asked for very specific permissions when they connect to Google services.
  • A new function MAPFLAT was introduced to wrap a MAP in a JOIN and ARRAY.
  • Some API enhancement were introduced. Klipfolio partners can set Client Features and allocate resources for Clients using the API. Spinning up new accounts became easier because now one can set default dashboards for Groups using the API.


  • Klips for Facebook Ads Dashboard, HubSpot Dashboard, UpContent Dashboard, and Google Search Console Dashboard were added to Klip Gallery and the following services: Chartbeat, PipelineDeals, Todoist, and Eloqua were added to Connector Gallery.
  • To Filter, Sort and Aggregate data, context menus are provided in the new Klip Editor. This eliminates the need to manually apply these functions. Now one can Filter, Group, Sort, and Aggregate data without using formulas and build Content Effective Dashboard.


  • Klips for Facebook Dashboard and 42matters Dashboard were added in Klip Gallery and the following services: 42matters, Buzzsumo, Flurry, SendGrid, Sizmek, STAT and WooCommerce were added in Standard Connector Gallery.
  • Now one can select “Last Month” for date range in the Google AdWords connector.
  • One can create dashboard playlists in full screen mode by simply clicking the full-screen button, and selecting the dashboards.


  • Klips for Facebook Ads Dashboard were added to Klip Gallery and services Gmail and YouTube Analytics were added to Connector Gallery.
  • Now one can add data as sub-components to Klips in the Editor.
  • One can have more than 2 conditions in the Condition filter.
  • Klipfolio introduced functionality to add comments to formulas in the type-in formula bar.


  • Images that load slow on dashboard are displayed in PDFs.
  • Now, Google AdWords connector accepts MCC OAuth tokens.
  • Data Format can be auto detected for the decimal values and the values that have a negative sign.
  • Those situations where some Marketo data sources stopped refreshing periodically have been corrected by Klipfolio.