Visualise Live Dashboards in Salesforce Instance

We had a requirement from one of our client, they want us to show the Live Dashboards/Reports on Salesforce Objects in Salesforce using Standard functionality. We suggested a workaround using Klipfolio as Salesforce Dashboards are not live and reports used in these charts are scheduled to refresh after a certain interval of time. The minimum interval for reports refresh in Salesforce is once in a day

Klipfolio allows SOQL datasource minimum refresh time after every 1 minute. Hence Dashboards in the Klipfolio are almost live i.e. as the datasource refreshes, the changes are reflected on the dashboard.

Salesforce is an American cloud computing company and it is the most innovative company in the world. It is #1 CRM platform that users can access entirely over the Internet.

Klipfolio is a BI tool which offers an online dashboard platform for building real-time business dashboards. Klipfolio uses a schema-less architecture that allows non-technical end users to more easily connect to data sources, and separates data from presentation to more efficiently use.

Users can visualize Klipfolio Charts on Salesforce data source on Salesforce Tab without switching back to Klipfolio. We made Charts in Klipfolio on Salesforce Datasource and then embedded these Klipfolio Charts in Salesforce Tab. Klipfolio Dashboards are live and data changes are reflected on the dashboard within a minute in a Salesforce Instance.

So we have a Tab in Salesforce which shows the Klipfolio Dashboard.

Visualise Live Dashboards Image